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2 Spirited People of the First Nations

Two Spirited People is a non-profit social services organization whose membership consists of Aboriginal gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people in Toronto.

Anduhyaun Inc

A not-for-profit, charitable agency created to respond to the needs of Toronto’s Indigenous women. It was first established in 1973 as a hostel. Over the last four decades, Anduhyaun Inc. has expanded to create culturally-inclusive, safe spaces for women and their children at various stages of life.

Anishinabek Health

Their mission is to improve the health and well-being of Aboriginal People in spirit, mind, emotion and body by providing Traditional Healing within a multi-disciplinary health care model.

ENAGB Indigenous Youth Agency

The ENAGB Indigenous Youth Agency focuses on providing cultural, employment, life skills, holistic wellness and recreational opportunities to Indigenous youth ages 12-24 . Programming is designed through Indigenous youth participation and works to build self-esteem, confidence, skills and self-determination.

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto (NCFST) is a multi-service urban Aboriginal agency providing holistic, culture-based programs and services for Aboriginal children and families. NCFST strives to provide a life of quality, well-being, healing, and self-determination for children and families in the Toronto urban Aboriginal community. 

Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto

Youth Drop-ins allow you to get together every week to support each other and celebrate your culture. The program is open to any Toronto-based, self-identifying Aboriginal females, between the ages of 12 and 24.


TASSC’s vision is to build a healthy and vibrant environment while increasing the capacity of Aboriginal people to create a self-sufficient community in Toronto. To guide future generations as strong carriers of Aboriginal culture while achieving socio-economic success.

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre is an autonomous, vibrant cultural agency that involves and serves the Indigenous community with confidence for and commitment to their well-being. Their goal is to provide counselling, material assistance and other direct services to First Nations people as well as to encourage and enhance spiritual and personal growth.

We Matter

We Matter is an Indigenous youth-led and nationally registered organization dedicated to Indigenous youth support, hope and life promotion.