The more awareness you raise, the more support you give!

Each year, over 1000 youth age out of the child welfare system in Ontario, with little to no support.

During the month of February, StepStones for Youth is striving to reach 1000 people with educational social media posts to raise awareness about this underrepresented issue.

When you share these posts with friends and family, our supporter will donate on your behalf!

What You Need to Know

If you want to join us in raising awareness and funds for this critical issue, here are all the details:

  • How it works:
    • Aware: Follow us to learn about youth from care
    • Share: Share our #AWARESHARECARE posts to your Story/Timeline
    • Care: Every Share = $1 donated on your behalf from our supporter
  • Eligible posts will be posted every Tuesday and Friday from February 5th-26th
  • Follow us on social media so you don’t miss any posts!
  • How to Share a Post:
  • Donations are available up to a maximum total of $10,000

If you would like to support StepStones for Youth further, please consider donating below.

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