Ontario Child Advocate′s Office

The Ontario government has announced that it is eliminating the Ontario Child Advocate’s office. The Advocate’s role was created in response to incidents of neglect and abuse of children in care. Since 2007, the Ontario Child Advocate has been critical in driving improvements to the outcomes faced by youth in care.  Some key accomplishments:

1)     Acting as a champion for youth in care and youth transitioning from care

2)     Putting the faces and voices of youth in care at the forefront of driving change in the child welfare system

3)     Secured the legal ability to review instances of death and serious injury of youth in care

4)     Published a number of landmark reports that have driven significant changes to the child welfare system in Ontario

We at StepStones for Youth strongly urge the Ontario government to reconsider this decision. Elimination of the Child Advocate could place our most vulnerable youth at increased risk of neglect, abuse, injury, homelessness, and death.  Securing Ontario’s economic future should not come at the expense of our most vulnerable youth.

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