Catherine Daniel

Connection Coordinator

Catherine has an educational background in Community and Justice Services and is currently completing her Human Resources Management degree. She started with StepStones in May 2022 as a Youth Connections Coordinator, while continuing to work in social services, which she’s been doing for the past four years.

Catherine has a passion for working with youth and young adults to help them find their voices and advocate for them in numerous ways. Her commitment to working with those experiencing and overcoming challenges comes from knowing what it’s like not to be understood, especially for individualized challenges. Being a youth, especially in today’s climate, is difficult, so having a solid circle of support is crucial.

Catherine also works on her own resume-building company, helping youth and young professionals understand and highlight their skillsets and find potential employment opportunities. Catherine also spends a lot of time binge-watching her favourite shows, such as The Office, and is currently finishing the You Gotta Eat Here book by trying everything listed.