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Centre for Immigrant and Community Services (CICS) 

2330 Midland Ave
Scarborough, ON M1S 5G5 

Midland & 401
Tel: 416-292-7510 

CICS offers early years services, employment services, settlement services and language and service training to newcomers in Canada! CICS offers equal access to services for all those in need. 

Settlement Assistance Family Support Services (SAFSS) 

1200 Markham Rd., Suite #214
Toronto, ON M1H 3C3 

Markham & Ellesmere
Tel: 416-431-4847 

SAFSS goal is to educate newcomers, women, seniors, youth, and families in their integration process to provide a better quality of life and help them realize their full potential. SAFSS also provides lessons on life skills, protection from abuse in the female and indigenous community, as well as offers supportive counselling and United Way base grants. 

Christie Refugee Welcome Centre 

 43 Christie St
Toronto, ON M6G 3B1 

Bloor & Christie
Tel: 416-588-9277 

Provides emergency shelter and a welcoming area to families of all ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. Christie Refugee Welcome Centre also has an outreach program where they help families transition from shelter to houses, as well as a shelter program that provides people with emergency shelter and initial settlement services. 


A website that provides resources for new immigrant around citizenship, housing, health care, employment, education, and legal services within Ontario.  

COSTI Immigrant Services  

1710 Dufferin St 

Toronto ON M6E 3P2
Tel: 416-658-1600 

Dufferin & St. Clair 

Meeting the needs of a diverse society since 1952, COSTI Immigrant Services is a community-based multicultural agency providing employment, educational, settlement and social services to all immigrant communities, new Canadians and individuals in need of assistance.  

Catholic Cross-Cultural Services  

55 Town Centre Ct, Suite 401
Toronto, ON M1P 4X4 

McCowan Rd & Ellesmere Rd
Tel: 416-757-7010 Provides one-on-one counselling, ESL classes, an employment access program, referrals and group information sessions on different topics related to health, housing, education, Canadian law, income tax, Child Tax Benefits, immigration and social assistance.  

Culture Link 

2340 Dundas St W, Suite 301
Toronto, ON M6P 4B2 

Bloor & Dundas
Tel: 416-588-6288 

Culture Link assists newcomers looking for employment, help families navigate the school system and provide youth the necessary skills for bright and successful futures. They also support refugees and bring together new and established Canadian.  

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