“StepStones supports youth who have little to no support in their lives.”

70% of the youth in our program are aging out of the foster care system or are involved with the child welfare system. The youth in our programs are are between the age of 15 and 24 years old and 95% of these youth were referred to us by other agencies. The StepStones summer camp has campers who are between the age of 6 – 14.

We are a charity in Toronto, established 2004 in response to the critical need for prevention programs for vulnerable youth:

  • Estranged from their birth, adoptive or kinship caregivers
  • Lacking supportive adults in their life
  • Struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse
  • Runaway or homeless youth
  • Have significant concerns with self esteem or behaviour

In 2016, we helped 300 kids stabilize their lives

At StepStones youth:

  • Kids graduate from high school and attend post-secondary education
  • Receive post secondary scholarship
  • Live in stable housing
  • Have long-term supportive adults in their lives
  • Are not involved in criminal behavior

Supporting youth in transition

  • Youth in Transition and volunteer Mentors work together to support youth on a one to one basis
  • We take a preventative approach and work with highly vulnerable individuals before they are in crisis

Focus on Goals

By focusing on goal attainment, we see success in the youth that we work with. This is not just about “feeling good” – it is about creating positive long term change.

Youth Lead the Way

We work along side youth – acting as their cheerleader and their back up support but the youth lead the way and they accomplish their own goals.

Mentors Inspire

We have a team of volunteer mentors who guide and support the youth unconditionally so that success is possible.

Donor Responsibility

We are responsible to our donors. We don’t waste money and are transparent with where money is spent.


By investing in prevention, society saves 90% of cost and success is more likely.

Education and Advocacy

StepStones knows that positive change in our community is only possible when we support the most vulnerable in our society – children and youth.

Meet Our Supporters

We would like to thank the following individuals and groups