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StepStones offers inclusive programs and services that achieve positive outcomes for young people involved in child welfare with connection-building at the core of our model.

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We help identify, build, and nurture strong networks of supportive people that youth can depend on. Building connections for youth from foster care helps them to develop healthy relationships, self-esteem and confidence, and trust in adults and social systems. Our dynamic programming increases the sense of belonging and community for young people that allows them to thrive.

We provide early intervention and preventative programming to ensure youth who are marginalized and vulnerable achieve safe, long-term housing in order to be successful at school and in the workforce, increase community connections and supportive networks, and reduce future risks of re-entering the group home and shelter systems.

We empower youth through education and employment support in order to help them break the cycle of poverty and dependence on social systems. Through ongoing school and career counselling, academic tutoring, job shadowing opportunities, building résumés and interview skills, and connecting youth to alternative and interest-based education and employment programs, StepStones helps to improve the future outcomes for youth from foster care.

Our’ mental health programming has proven results in changing outcomes for youth by combining a full case management approach with critical one-to-one support. We employ early intervention and preventative measures aimed at reducing the onset, development, and severity of chronic disease and mental illness.

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