Adina’s Story

When Adina first came to StepStones she was living with addiction issues and an eating disorder. Unable to cope with school during this time she had dropped out. She also struggled to find stable housing and was staying at the YWCA’s Woodlawn shelter in Toronto.

Adina reached out for support and decided to join our Safe at Home program. She was also matched with a mentor, who has been there with her through her sobriety journey. With a little encouragement and help, Adina has reached two years of sobriety!

Adina re-enrolled in high school and thrived, graduating with distinction and being accepted into the Social Work program at Toronto Metropolitan University. With her intelligence, compassion and lived experience, she’ll be a top student and inspiring social worker. She is already offering the benefit of her experiences to youth facing similar challenges as a volunteer for StepStones.

Adina’s StepStones Connection Coordinator and mentor admire her ability to adapt and her determination. She sets goals for herself and when she faces an obstacle, she pivots and comes up with a new plan and pursues that with gusto. She also follows through with her commitments, and holds herself accountable when she’s unable to.

While she still faces some challenges, Adina has created a safety plan for herself and has a strong network of support through Safe at Home and her StepStones mentor to lean on. It’s inspiring to see her gaining confidence in her abilities and becoming excited about what the future holds for her.

Adina re-enrolled in high school, graduating with distinction and being accepted into the social work program at Toronto Metropolitan University.