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What We Believe


Prevention is a more efficient and effective way of preventing social support dependence, low educational attainment, criminal activity, and unemployment.

Effect Long Term Change

Charities should be effective at creating long term change and not provide band-aid solutions to social problems.

Efficiency and Low Overhead

Donations should go to those in need… not administration costs.

Support and Opportunity

With support, youth can be successful. Youth who don’t have engaged family and support systems should get the same benefits as those who do. Every youth should have equal opportunity for success.


Goal Oriented

By focusing on goal attainment, we see success in the youth that we work with. This is not just about “feeling good” – it is about creating positive long term change.

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Youth Leadership

We work along side youth – acting as their cheerleader and their back up support but the youth lead the way and they accomplish their own goals.

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Relationship Focused

We have a team of volunteer mentors who guide and support the youth unconditionally so that success is possible.

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By investing in prevention, society saves 90% of cost and success is more likely.

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Donor Responsibility

We are responsible to our donors. We don’t waste money and are transparent with where money is spent.

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StepStones knows that positive change in our community is only possible when we support the most vulnerable in our society – children and youth.

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