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Preventative Approach

We start working with youth before they age-out of foster care. At age 18 youth are required to leave the foster care system.  We help youth starting at age 15 and help them navigate this scary transition.

Staff-volunteer partnership

Our Youth-In-Transition workers and volunteer mentors work together and adjust their support as needed.  Studies show that agencies that offer only staff services or volunteer services, lose more clients.

Full case management – One stop for full support!

StepStones offers everything a youth needs, and we help youth identify what they need. We have specialized programs that create long-term change and not a band aid solution to a greater problem.

We track results and adapt programs around the needs of our extremely vulnerable population to ensure their success.

We do not create barriers to service.  We accept youth with concurrent disorders, high-risk behaviors and do not require a diagnosis for service.


Youth set goals for themselves, inform policies, and have an active role in all decisions made.

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