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StepStones Does Not Waste Your Money

StepStones believes that donor dollars should go directly to the youth and not to administrative costs. This is why we strive to reduce administrative costs so that all money can go to charitable activity.

  • All office space is donated.
  • Many administrative responsibilities are conducted by volunteers.
  • StepStones creates partnerships with other charities to ensure that there is no duplication of services and resources.
  • Even this website… was made by a volunteer!

What Does a Donation Provide?

  • $3000 - One Year of Support!

    A donation of $3000 provides a youth in our Youth in Transition and Mentorship program, educational and employment support, a one to one mentor and social worker, informal counselling and a housing worker for one year!

  • $2500 - Scholarships

    A donation of $2500 will support a scholarship for youth without families who are pursuing post secondary education.

  • $900 - Food for a Year

    A donation of $900 will fund the entire food bank for one year. The food bank is for youth when they come in crisis and do not have any food to eat.

  • $650 - A chance to go to camp

    A donation of $650 will send a girl with a history of abuse and trauma to our overnight summer camp.

  • $300 - Holiday Dinner for 15

    A donation of $300 will provide 15 youth who do not have families a “holiday dinner” during a difficult time of year.

  • $125 - Healthy camp meals

    A donation of $125 will feed a child at camp for a week.

  • $600 - Tutoring for a year

    A donation of $600 provides one to one tutoring to youth who are attending post secondary education for one year in school.

  • Other Donations

    A donation of a gift certificate, movie ticket or tickets to events will allow youth to attend events with their mentors to celebrate milestones in their lives.