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StepStones’ YHM Program assists youth in securing safe and stable housing using a client-centred, housing-first approach. Youth transitioning from care are connected to a long-term volunteer mentor and a youth worker for support. Housing subsidies are provided through the Children’s Aid Foundation’s Home Base Fund as well as Pelletier. These subsidies, combined with a housing worker and a mentor, provide the needed support for our youth to become housed and stable.

StepStones’ Youth Healthy Living Mentorship Program responds to the mental health needs of youth leaving care. Youth are connected with a counsellor and physician to stabilize mental health and for medical intervention when necessary. Youth are supported in attending appointments, accessing meditation programs, and acquiring Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and mobile psychotherapy as needed.

This special program offers youth in transition a 6-week series of engaging workshops involving life and cooking skills, exposure to job opportunities in the culinary field, and activities to promote the development of trust and connection between youth and their mentors.


Our one-to-one Mentoring Program offers youth aged 15-24 the opportunity to develop critical life skills. By pairing youth with caring adult volunteers, youth can identify and learn life skills. Mentors support youth by exposing them to new opportunities.

Mentors help youth learn how to interact with potential employers and landlords, develop their confidence and appropriateness in day to day interactions, support them in getting back into school, attend or drive the youth to counselling, attend meetings, make appointments, and do activities together to explore employment options such as job shadowing.

Youth participate both through individual sessions with their mentors and organized workshops that focus on recreation and skills development (self care, housing, education, employment, budgeting/money management, transportation, choosing friends).

The goal of the program is to create natural, long-lasting, supportive relationships with responsible adults who can help youth make good life choices. Mentors become substitute aunts and uncles; someone a youth can turn to if they have a bad day.

For more information, see our 2018 Impact Report or call 416-893-5196.

Goals of the Mentoring Program

  • Create a lasting, natural connection to an older member of the youth’s community who can increase opportunities for youth, increase exposure to alternative lifestyles and support change
  • Increase educational attainment (high school and post-secondary) and employability
  • Increase stable housing
  • Increase support networks for youth

Meet the Youth in Our Program

The following testimonials are from youth in the Mentoring Program.