Youth in Transition Workers

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Supporting Our Youth

Our staff help youth find a safe place to live, secure a job, finish high school, apply for posts-secondary and trade schools, get medical attention and mental health care.   Initially, our workers offer intense, one-to-one support with a new client to help stabilize their life.

Once settled, a mentor volunteer can connect with the youth to establish a trusting relationship and develop life skills.  Over the course of their involvement, our staff and volunteers work together and adjust their support as needed.  For example, a youth who had just lost stable housing may temporarily need more intense support from our staff.

This staff-volunteer partnership with each youth is what makes us unique. Studies show that agencies that offer only workers have a hard time developing trust with youth in transition and maintaining long term service.  Services that only offer volunteer mentors matched with youth who are not supported by a worker, find that the relationship breaks down when working with youth who are vulnerable and at risk. That is why we offer both services to ensure the success of youth in our program. Youth also access a drop-in centre for informal connections and a food and clothing bank as part of our program.

This service is offered in partnership with Arrabon House. For more information, call 416-893-5196.