Ebony Laing-Asare

Connections Coordinator

Ebony’s academic journey includes achieving an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Drama in Education and Community, alongside a Bachelor of Education, and she is currently in the process of completing her Master of Education degree. Ebony‘s dedication revolves around empowering and guiding young people as they navigate the intricate systems and societal pressures they face. With firsthand experience within the system and a professional background spanning the shelter system, the field of education, and drop-in centres, she deeply understands the significance of comprehensive support for youth across various facets of life, including education, employment, housing, and mental health. Ebony recognizes the profound importance of providing a secure platform for individuals in our society to voice their stories, experiences, and concerns. Her mission is centered on promoting the cultivation of positive and enduring connections that serve as catalysts for constructive change and a brighter, more optimistic perspective on life.